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Hanak has been in existence for 15 years as the top leading European interior specialist. Our kitchens give an abundance of choice always practical and always luxurious, with first class craftsmanship and workmanship to deliver perfection in the kitchen industry.

All our kitchens can be mixed and matched. Choose from hundreds of styles, colours and finishes, built to fit whatever space you require. Traditional or modern designs, in veneers, laminate, foil and varnish, choose the style then choose your budget.
The kitchens on display are only a small fragment of what is possible, with the abilty to mix and match styles, colurs, finishes and furnitures. In short we can produce what you need to suit any size of kitchen. If you decide to modify your kitchen after time, segments of any given series will always be available.

Hanak Modern

Hanak Modern

Hanak Rustic

Hanak Rustic

Hanak Design

Hanak Design

The beauty of Hanak Quality means nearly all our designs are available in either our ACTIVE or PREMIUM ranges, which is determined by the finish. What this means to you is that you can choose your budget and still get the design you crave. The Active Range offers finishes in Foil and Laminate, whilst our Premium Range provides finishes in Solid Wood Veneer and Lacquers.
We provide RAL colouring which gives you up to 180 different colours to choose from, so there is always a combination for everybody.

The Kitchens range from Traditional to Contemporary and can have many features including Glass, Steel, Aluminium, Acrylic and Nickel. All interior fitments are supplied by Blum, which are the leading manufacturer in mechanical movement and fixings.

As the Motto say’s we will be honoured if you choose Hanak for your next Kitchen.
Come in to our L’Amour Interiors showrooms to see how we can help you today.

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